Why use James to sell your home?

I have a background in marketing and graphic arts. As your agent, let me show you how I can utilize my skills to market your home.

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Each home I list gets a 13 by 36 inch sign mounted above the "For Sale" post, guiding potential buyers and neighbors to go to my website to view your home. This allows everyone quick access to view a collage of pictures for your home, and get all of your home's information ranging from amenities to room dimensions. Each home I list has its own section on my site. Here it gives buyers the opportunity to print out a flier, view a virtual tour, check out a video walk-thru, email a friend or call for a free showing of your home.
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Not only will your home get brochures for both inside your home and on the sign post, but animated DVDs will be created for potential buyers to take home as well. Each DVD includes photo slideshows, video walk-throughs, inspection reports, property disclosures and contact information.

Each home I list will have multiple types of virtual tours created that will be viewable off of the MLS system, as well as all other sites pulling from the MLS system. These tours are loaded with photos and animations of your home's statistics. This is just another way I can help your home get great exposure!
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I am extremely web oriented, I focus on making your home look "at it's best" online. Your home will not only be on ReachHomes.com, but more importantly placed on the MLS system, exposing your home to ALL agents and buyers searching for homes in Minnesota. My style of placing you on the MLS is unique, and important to marketing you correctly to potential buyers - which leads to the next point.
Real Estate Fact

Did you know that over 92% of people looking to buy a home are looking on-line before they ever ask an agent for help?

Buyers with agents are looking at your home on-line as well from what their agent sends them. Having your home look "peak" on-line is vital to getting your house sold.
Each home not only gets the standard 10 pictures on the MLS system, but I will create a photoshop collage of overlapping pictures, brightened and cropped, showing up to every room and corner of your home (to your liking).
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Most sellers listed with me receive a FREE staging consultation ($250 Value) with Robin Kessler - president of SortedAffairs.com! You are not required to accept this, but take advantage of it, it's on me! Read more about Robin under the "Tips for Selling" page.
Statistics show that a well staged home sells far more quickly than a vacant one. So what happens when a homeowner can't afford to have their home professionally staged? Well, do I have a surprise for you! I am now able to "virtually" stage! Check out these examples below from one of my past listings... the top row are the original pictures taken, the bottom row has furniture that has been "super-imposed" into that top picture. That furniture was never in the home...
With my 6 year background in graphic designing, this is a huge difference between hiring me, and hiring the average agent.
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You will probably never see another agent do this, so take advantage! I will videotape the inside and outside of your home, and upload them online to your personal page that I create for you. Here potential buyers will be able to see an actual video tour of your home. These will match the videos presented on your home's DVDs.
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Like other agents, I will hold as many open houses needed while your home is on the market. Depending on my availability, I may have a different RE/MAX Results agent host an open for you, but for the most part I like to host them myself. Not only do I have the standard open house signs, but open house flags, banners and balloons as well - good for those homes that are on busy streets, or that may be set far back off of the main road.
The advertising and networking I do varies depending on the type of home you have. Some homes require me to be a little more creative, depending on location and condition (waterfront homes, land deals, etc). Each home gets networked with other agents throughout the metro in my sphere.
"Just Listed" and "Just Sold" postcards are sent out for each listing, as well as email notifications when activity is taking place with the sale (open houses, price reductions, incentives for buyers, etc)
Being as I am an animal lover, a portion of my commissions from each home I list go toward helping organizations dedicated to placing sheltered animals in good homes (or, a different organization of your choice). The donation is made in YOUR name and you will receive a free "rescue" car ribbon magnet!
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My commission percentage varies, but I can tell you this; I will never list a home higher than 5.5% - and in most cases I can lower this depending on your situation. And if you are selling your home and using me to purchase your next home then you can definitely expect a lowered commission percentage.
Whether you are "ready to go" or "have no idea what you are doing yet", the first step is simple - have me over. It costs you nothing, and there is no obligation. At that point I can run through the game plan for your home specifically, and the time frame in which to have the home on the market...
And don't worry about the condition of your home prior to having me over! Ha! I've seen everything, so don't sweat it! ;)

I look forward to meeting you! Call or email me today!