Finding a loan is the first step in the home buying process. Whether you have great credit or not-so-great credit, a lot of money or little money, there are many different types of loans to fit just about everybody.

A mortgage broker can help you get started. He/she can go over how much you are approved for, tell you what a monthly payment would be, and answer all your financing questions. And if it doesn't seem you would be able to get a loan just yet, they can give you some tips to up your chances of getting a good loan in the near future.

Now keep in mind there are many loan officers. Open a yellow pages or ask around. Check with a few to see what your options are. If you need suggestions by all mean give me a holler. I can give you some loan officer's information, as well as go over what type of home would suit you best and make arrangements to start looking. Good luck!

...don't forget to tell them James sent you!